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Our Story

Custom Heartwear is a family owned business located in the Midwest of the USA.

The idea for Custom Heartwear came about in 2010 when we had our first baby, and everyone at my job kept asking to see pictures of my baby.Rather than having to constantly whip out my phone all the time, I decided it would be a great idea if I could have the picture on a necklace or bracelet to easily show my colleagues.

My husband loved the idea so much, he also wanted a watch with the picture of our baby boy. We had a hard time finding high quality personalized photo engraved jewelry and watches, and there the seed for Custom Heartwear was planted.

We embarked on a multiple year (and should I say amazing!) journey learning Jewelry making and perfecting our laser engraving procedures.

We hope that you will be able to see and feel the love and passion that we put into each an every single piece as we know it means a lot to you.